DAAC 2022

5th Industry/University Joint International Workshop on
Data Center Automation, Analytics, and Control

Special Focus : Data Center Control for Renewable Energy Applications:
Reducing HPC's Carbon Footprint

at the
UCC 2022 conference in Vancouver. WA, USA

The 5th International Industry/University Workshop on Data-center Automation, Analytics, and Control (DAAC 2022) will be held in parallel with the 15th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing (UCC 2022) and co-located 9th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Big Data Computing, Applications and Technologies (BDCAT 2022) hosted in December 2022 in Vancouver, Washington, USA. This event is planned to be a working session coordinated with pre-conference activities with the goal to gather community input on an action plan with a special focus on Reducing HPC's Carbon Footprint.

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This event follows on from previous DAAC Workshops as well as related BoFs and workshops at the SuperComputing conferences, the most recent of which is the Birds of a Feather session on Addressing HPC's Carbon Footprint at SC'22. The format of this years event will be to gather community input on a white paper to document the wide range of existing successful efforts to introduce steps that help to reduce and mitigate carbon emissions related to high performance computing and large-scale data center use in general. A surprising amount of material is available on this topic, and the goal of this workshop will be to gather, document, organize, and collate this material as a service to the community and to provide a starting point for further action.

The format of the workshop will be as follows:

  • Community materials will be prepared in advance for review by conference participants.

  • A shared document area will be created to hold and curate input and drafts.

  • A special session will be held as part of the main conference to review this material and discuss content.

  • An action plan will be produced to pursue follow-on content and to publish a guide for further action.

The event will take place Wednesday, December 7, 2022 with the online working session taking place from 5:00 to 6:30 pm Pacific time (US). An online directory area will accompany the working session for participants to help edit and be turned into an Open Grid Forum Community Practice Document for long-term access and comment.

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