DAAC 2021

4th Industry/University Joint International Workshop on
Data Center Automation, Analytics, and Control
Special Focus : Data Center Control for Renewable Energy Applications

at the UCC 2021 conference in Leicester, UK

The 4th International Industry/University Workshop on Data-center Automation, Analytics, and Control (DAAC 2021) will be held at the 14th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing (UCC 2021) hosted in December 2021 in Leicester, UK. This workshop will have a special focus on Data Center Control for Renewable Energy Applications. This focus is intended to attract contributions and submissions related to the following topics:

  • Remote operation of data centers including energy sources and equipment

  • Site planning considerations for computational facilities near renewable energy sources

  • Economics of operations in renewable energy settings

  • Role of automation in improving computational uptime and usage efficiency

  • Workflow control and management in renewable energy settings

  • Energy forecasting and prediction for interactions with computational scheduling algorithms

  • Regional and geographic considerations for managing job and data migration

  • Current usage of renewable energy in commercial versus research infrastructures

  • Reducing environmental impact of cryptocurrency and blockchain applications

  • Future forecasts for data center energy availability and usage

An industry panel will be convened and there will also be a special feature to highlight renewable energy usage for data centers on academic campuses and at national labs.

A Call For Participation and workshop announcement will be issued soon. Please stay tuned for details!